Pilgrimage of Faith


Welcome to the online version of my research from early 2006.

For the dissertation in the final year of my theology degree I researched how effective the 'Pilgrimage of Faith' had been in the British Methodist Church.  I addressed the question: 'Has the Methodist Church’s Pilgrimage of Faith achieved anything towards its aims?'

The 'Pilgrimage of Faith' was called in 1993 in an attempt to begin addressing the issue of homosexuality and the Church, specifically within Methodism. The aim of this pilgrimage is 'to combat repression and discrimination, to work for justice and human rights and to give dignity and worth to people whatever their sexuality.'

My work uses first hand questionnaire research, and gathers a sample of views from both homosexual and heterosexual members of the British Methodist Church, to evalutate whether this Pilgrimage has been successful.

This website contains a web version of that research.

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